Syndication, Baby!!!

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My hubby is in the film/media/entrepreneur industry& syndication really realllllllyyy REALLLLLLYYY matters in his business. Six months ago, my blog was used for dummy post as a hater fest from a cyber-stalker. This reality opened my eyes as to how my content could be manipulated, altered, & republished. I also learned about website rules & regulations, ways of coping with plagiarism, & the ability to protect your content by using your own business platforms, self-publishing, using a publisher, & article syndication for releasing content using contributor based websites. Syndication matters. To read more on the subject of syndication from Today I Found Out, Feed Your Brain use this link {What it means for a show to be syndicated and how the practice got started}& expand your mind…

Syndication and Multi-Media
Global audiences give me much appreciated digital love… Thank you!!!

Syndication was the right choice for me… {Syndication is Digital Love}.

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Did you know “Houston, we have a problem” is a misquote??? The actual quote by James A. Lovell, Apollo Expeditions to the Moon, & used in the feature film, Apollo 13, is actually, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

Misquotes, copy cats, or mimicking ideas happens all the time… Syndication makes it less likely because the material is licensed. To read more {My Family Share article has a twin… Sort of… It’s a misquote yet I’m flattered} on how, why, what, etc… Then decide how you feel & do what is best for your content, blogs, media, etc.