Soul of a Warrior

Once upon a time, I read this poem during a moment of intense emotional disturbance when I thought I needed to make myself small so I would fit in the teeny-tiny bubble others had tried to stuff & keep me in…

“She does everything with passion stained hands. Looks at the world with burning, fire-lit eyes, loves with a splintering chaos, deep in her bones and smiles with a secret mouthful of mischief. She feels everything all at once or not at all, with a soul that runs deeper than any hell and more intense than any heaven you know. The world isn’t ready for the havoc in her blood and the storm on her skin, but she doesn’t stop for anyone… And she walks with thunder in her shoes.” ~ Stephanie Bennett-Henry, 2014

This poem stays with me & resonates in my soul on days when I feel shamed by others for being a woman with passion, with ambition, with life-struggles, with deep convictions, & with a heart of a warrior.

Best-Selling Author  & motivational speaker, r.h. Sin wrote this about women ~ “some women fear the fire, other women simply become it…” He also said, “every night her thoughts weighed heavily on her soul but every morning she would get up to fight another day, every night she survived” & “her love is an ocean and her waves are misunderstood.”

It took me a long time to recognize it… Because I was still frightened of my own bright flames & billowing smoke. I was fearful of the rolling & sometimes crashing waves I create because I cause motion in the universe. I was scared of being exactly what I am… A force of nature & change in a world full of couch-potato haters with too much time on their hands & more rumors than good sense in their brains.

Today, I know it & see it clearly in my eyes… I became fire ~ I became the ocean. I became more than just a woman with a blog. I am a Multimedia Journalist. I am the Creative Director/Co-Owner of My Sweetest Aloha, an inspirational & motivational publishing/media corporation . I am an author. I am a Yoga Instructor whose hobbies include; Ragnar Relay’s, Dragon Boat Racing, The Color Run, Run the Jail Break, Annual MS Walks, Relay For Life, & other community/charitable sponsored events like the North Shore Education Coalition & North Shore Ocean Fest in Hawai’i… for links, click here: { My Fav’s & Community Events }. I am a Mom (my very favorite job title) of two awesomely sweet teens. I am a strong woman with an even stronger inner-determination to succeed. I am a warrior with passion for my own life. I am … … … just beginning!!!

Soul of a Warrior
Behind the smile & tender heart… There is the Soul of a WARRIOR.

I believe:

Every woman has the strength to be powerfully engaged in her own reality.

Every woman had the beauty to be seen for her courage, wisdom, & tenderness.

Every woman has the ability to stand for something greater than herself.

& every woman has the soul of a Warrior.

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