The Power of Digital Connections

I’m a firm believer in the power of social media, a crazy total tech fan with a passion for bedazzling & sharing, & a complete nerd… Reading fuels me. Photography motivates me. Writing is therapy. & words are my addiction.

Yes ~ I absolutely adore beautiful pictures, unique views, & being connected to the global world in which I live… I teach, learn, laugh, cry, love, share, create, enjoy, & cultivate “on the line” or online relationships… Whatever storms you are going through in life… Remember this: You are not alone. God has given us this amazing digital culture so we can thrive & “Blossom… & Be Awesome.” Together, we can share our stories. Together, we can build each other up & support each other. Together, we can create a powerful change in how we view ourselves, our lives, & our struggles. God gave us this stunning & wonderful world to be a part of… Get digital & get connected!!!

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Social Media Connections
I’m a firm believer in the power of social media & the friendship it allows us to enjoy ~ Tech up. Get digital. &… Let’s connect!!!

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Life is learning to ride the waves with style, being inspired to change courses when necessary, trusting God to keep your head above the rising tide, & maintaining the aloha when everything seems to be falling apart ~ Have Faith. Use Glitter. Smile. Play. Eat. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Sparkle. & Enjoy It. Come with me on my bedazzling journey… Email:

PS: Share your inspirational thoughts, feelings of aloha, surfing/ocean views, or other awesome~sauce moments in a new Google+ Community {Live Your Aloha ~ Google+ Community} … We are a digital culture ~ Life is meant for sharing!!! Live Your Aloha ~ Share Your Aloha!!!