Seriously ~ Who IS She???

With an education in International Studies in Cross-Cultural Communications, Social Psychology, & Anthropology… A career in Fitness as a Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer… & being a mom of two Awesome-Sauce SWEET teens… I thought I had life figured out… I was wrong.

I have learned life is about riding the waves, changing courses due to life’s storms, & maintaining your sanity when everything seems to be falling apart…

I bedazzle. I write. I play. I laugh. I live. & I endure.

Most of all… { I LOVE… Yes, LOOOVVVE!!! } … with all my heart. I have a ridiculous love affair & insane passion for the “L” word!!!

My Sweetest Aloha {My Sweetest Aloha} started me down a path of blogging in relation to my extraordinary constant pursuit of finding my place in this crazy, messy, complicated world. As blogging became therapy for my soul & my heart began healing wounds… My Sweetest Journey of writing was born. My posts, blogs, tweets,  & books {My Bedazzled Boutique~Ish Books} are filled with my personal trials, highs & lows, successes, & failures. I am a woman with the {Soul of a Warrior}.

My past is like a Lifetime movie {Ali in Wonderland ~ The Making of Wonderland} & my style of blending reality & sparkling humor make it relevant & easy to enjoy for readers who are walking their own path on their own journey of trying to figure out where they belong… Readers relate to in my expedition in life. We all want to become more than what we are today… {The Power of Digital Connections ~ My Sweetest Social Media Links}.

How do we do that??? {The Compelling Influence of a Persuasive Woman} I believe we become more by listening to ourselves, trusting in God’s unconditional love, reading things that inspire creativity, & supporting each other with Aloha. Come with me on my bedazzling journey… 

~ Alessandra Toscanelli