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Stephen Michaud Quote
The dark moments give you hope to get through.. God has a purpose. ~ Stephen Michaud

When my editor for the Idaho State Journal sent me the email regarding a possible story on a local singing/songwriter… I felt God’s inspiration wash over me & to accept the assignment.

Then I watched this:

As Jaci said, “goose bumps” happen… & just as she felt in that moment… I felt honored too… The privilege to share in his journey, to tell his beautiful tale, to showcase his talent, & to share in his message of his faith in God… I felt God’s sweet spirit filling my heart with a passion for his encouraging story…

When I listened to Jaci and I watched her Facebook video {See Jaci’s call to Stephen…} of her surprise phone call to Stephen… I felt God’s hands guiding my request as I drafted an email to her management team for an interview with the Latin/Christian Music icon…

With Sixteen #1 radio hits, 17 albums, 7 Dove Awards, 3 RIAA Gold Records and 3 RIAA Platinum records… I was sure the actress/radio talk show host/ busy wife and mother of two could be out of my reach for an interview…

After all… Who am I???

I’m just a little Multimedia Journalist with a small little newspaper in a small town in Idaho & a few publications with only a few syndications…

I am not well known. I am not famous.

Guided by inspiration ~ Empowered through my faith…

God took the wheel ~ While I did the work…

Two people who trust me to tell their story…

Two people who trust in God on a daily basis…

Jaci Velasquez ~ Stephen Michaud:

An interview founded on inspiration & an article embraced by God…

This is their story…

… … …             The Link Is Coming            … … …

God has bigger plans for this story than any of us could possibly imagine…

Faith is what drives Jaci, Stephen, & I…

Each on our own has put God at the head of our individual life’s journey…

Now forever intertwined…

God’s divine path continues to give proof that with faith, trust in God, a belief in your talents, the love of your family, and a willingness to follow God’s inspiration… Anything is possible!!!

The Dog Days of Summer

Puppy Love
Puppy Love

There is something about having a dog that makes you feel loved, special, wanted, & necessary in the world… This is My Therapy!!! 😉

My home is a place of puppy fur, a waggling tail when she sees me, puppy toys in the living room, a dog bed next to my bed, leashes on the front door knob, tennis balls under the chairs, & puppy treats on the counter… My home is a place of absolute love in the package of four legs, a wet nose, & a playful spirit… My home is a place of pure puppy worship… & I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

She loves to give me kisses... I love to give her cuddles... It's a love LOVE kinda relationship!!!
She loves to give me kisses… I love to give her cuddles… It’s a love LOVE kinda relationship!!!


"Who ever spoke of love at first sight was talking about a dog." ~ Unknown
“Who ever spoke of love at first sight was talking about a dog.” ~ Unknown

I believe a kiss really does make the whole world better, brighter, happier, & more glittered with sparkles… Especially when it comes from a dog!!! 

"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them & filling the emptiness we didn't even know we had." ~ Unknown
“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them & filling the emptiness we didn’t even know we had.” ~ Unknown

I believe dogs are really angels sent by God to remind us that we are completely & totally loved no matter what happens in life today!!!


Love is…

Love is
Love is… Sparkles in life.
Love is
Love is… When she’s had a hard day… & still offers to rub your back before bedtime.


Love is
Love is… When he is a carnivore… & he learns to cook tofu for YOU.


Love is
Love is… When you kiss… & your heart sings a butterfly harmony!!!


Love is
Love is… When he knows you love… Wild Flowers not Roses.


Love is
Love is… One board, one nail, one memory at a time… You build a life together.


Love is
Love is… When you allow… Your LIGHT to shine!!!

Happy Birthday, Baby!!!

“Sure, life may have been bumpy and you’ve made a few mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s how we learn. No, life didn’t go exactly how you had planned. It honestly never goes as planned for anyone… Ever. ” 

22 Ways To Love Yourself On Your Birthday ~

“So here you are: one year older, and wiser… Guess what? You are doing just fine. God is pleased with you. You made it one more year. It is time to celebrate the day of your awesome birth. Trust me; there is no need to cry. Dry those tears and smile. It’s your birthday. You are amazing. You are worthy of celebrating.”

Syndication, Baby!!!

Photo courtesy of: ~ What it means to be syndicated... To read more from Today I Found Out:
Photo courtesy of: on the topic of syndication.

My hubby is in the film/media/entrepreneur industry& syndication really realllllllyyy REALLLLLLYYY matters in his business. Six months ago, my blog was used for dummy post as a hater fest from a cyber-stalker. This reality opened my eyes as to how my content could be manipulated, altered, & republished. I also learned about website rules & regulations, ways of coping with plagiarism, & the ability to protect your content by using your own business platforms, self-publishing, using a publisher, & article syndication for releasing content using contributor based websites. Syndication matters. To read more on the subject of syndication from Today I Found Out, Feed Your Brain use this link {What it means for a show to be syndicated and how the practice got started}& expand your mind…

Syndication and Multi-Media
Global audiences give me much appreciated digital love… Thank you!!!

Syndication was the right choice for me… {Syndication is Digital Love}.

Photo courtesy of:
Photo courtesy of: ~ “Houston… We have a problem.” My article has a twin.

Did you know “Houston, we have a problem” is a misquote??? The actual quote by James A. Lovell, Apollo Expeditions to the Moon, & used in the feature film, Apollo 13, is actually, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

Misquotes, copy cats, or mimicking ideas happens all the time… Syndication makes it less likely because the material is licensed. To read more {My Family Share article has a twin… Sort of… It’s a misquote yet I’m flattered} on how, why, what, etc… Then decide how you feel & do what is best for your content, blogs, media, etc.

Jump In… Life is easy.

Jump In Life
Guess what??? Yeah ~ I sometimes get scared too. I worry people will judge me. I worry about this & that. I worry I might fail. I pause & for just a moment I question myself… & then… I remember a lesson in life (& my faith in God) that I learned when I was a young & working as a Camp Counselor for the YMCA: Jumping is easy… Regret is challenging… Do you have what it takes in the moment when you need to be AWESOME??? #learn2trustYOU #YesYouCan #alessandratoscanelli #BeBold


Life is meant for living & learning…

Mistakes happen. Risks Happen. So what???

Go ahead… Make a SPLASH ~ Make waves ~ Trust the Journey.

You will never experience greatness if you never take a chance…

~ Live YOUR Aloha ~

#BeBold #BeBrave #BeAuthentic

#YesYouCan #LiveYourAloha #JumpAndTHRIVE

Gratitude for My Blessings

Giivng Gratitude
Mahalo Nui Loa {Thank You} for being a part of my journey… Together, we learn to love ourselves & each others through the power of synergy!!! I’m grateful for YOU & your Aloha!!! ~ Xoxoxo

Being able to do what I love… Being able to share my thoughts & feelings about my passions… & being able to live in a world where content is valued, given credit, & then given to others to ponder… This is the blessing of writing. This is my greatest happiness. Words give life to new thoughts… New thoughts give meaning to our lives… & in a symbiotic nature… Writers & readers become linked in an exchange of Aloha!!!

Visit these links to read featured articles…

Mahalo Nui Loa, for your time, attention, & aloha!!!

May God bless you as you become You~er on your path & may your journey be filled with beauty, wonder, excitement, happiness, kindness, generosity, acceptance, & passion!!!


International Women’s Day

“Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievement. And we have much to celebrate today. But progress towards gender parity has slowed in many places.

The World Economic Forum predicted in 2014 that it would take until 2095 to achieve global gender parity. Then one year later in 2015, they estimated that a slowdown in the already glacial pace of progress meant the gender gap wouldn’t close entirely until 2133.” ~ {Join the International Women’s Day Movement}

Happy International Women's Day. Today we celebrate extraordinary women — past, present, and future – -and we commit…

Posted by Department of State — Office of Global Women's Issues on Tuesday, March 8, 2016